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Transportation near Gateway Airport

Transportation near Gateway Airport in Arizona completely depends upon the needs of the individual or group. Taxis of various kinds can be found at the airport. Rental cars can also be obtained from any number of companies that will meet you at the airport with your car. Renting a car is a great option if you wish to get familiar with the area on your own. If you wish to ride in style or to tour, there are several options for you or your group.

For those who require the services of a limousine, whether it's to get you to an important business meeting or to the church on time, many companies serve the area. For assistance with your limousine and town car needs, has listing and pricing of many companies that service Gateway Airport. You can look up.

If you or your group are feeling a bit more adventurous, needing someone who really knows the area and can give you customized service, for tours in mini-buses to limousines, companies such as Desert Rose Limousine will customize your transportation needs, whether it's a local tour that is wanted or to the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas. Desert Rose is a locally owned and operated service with a great reputation. If you or your groups are feeling even more adventurous and interested in tours of the local area or entire state, Phoenix Tours is available to lead you in the right direction for everything from jeep tours to helicopter tours.

Shuttle service from several companies is available from the airport, but unfortunately, at this time, public transit by bus or light-rail is not available anywhere in the immediate area. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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