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Shopping near Gateway Airport

There are many interesting shops that are located near the Gateway Airport near Mesa, Arizona. These shops include many locally owned stores that sell clothes, home furnishings and fine foods from around the world. As a result, travelers can have fun exploring these stores.

Here's a quick look at some of the more popular stores that you can find near Mesa's Gateway Airport. Perhaps you'll find something unique at these stores?

One place to look for unique items is along East Main Street.
Mesa's East Main Street features several locally owned shops that sell Native American crafts, locally made food items and antiques from the Southwestern US region. There are also several stores that sell specialty food items that are unique to the region. As a result, travelers can find all sorts of interesting things to take back as souvenirs from these stores.

If you like to look for contemporary fashions, be sure to visit some of the clothing stores that are located along State Route 60.
State Route 60 is known as the Superstition Freeway in Mesa and Gilbert. It is located about 4 miles away from the Gateway Airport. It features several locally owned clothing stores that sell contemporary clothes for children, teens and adults.

Be sure to especially check out some of the smaller mom and pop clothing stores that are located near the Superstition Freeway in Gilbert. These stores often have a great selection of modern fashions that compare favorably with larger retail stores.

Finally, if you like to shop for specialty food items, be sure to check out some of the gourmet food stores that are located in Mesa and in nearby Chandler.
These stores sell gourmet chocolates, specialty foods from around the world and many locally produced food products. They also sell many gourmet cheeses and gift baskets from around the world. As a result, visitors can find many things that even the most finicky eater would enjoy!

As you can see, travelers can have a great time exploring stores that are located near the Gateway Airport in Arizona. Why not see for yourself the next time you're in Mesa, Arizona?

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